Yum, Yum… Ban Po Jung!

¡Hola! This weekend, I went to a Korean restaurant with my friend and photographer, Maria! The food was delicious! In Korean, “Hello” is pronounced An nyoung! An nyoung, my friends!!!

Check out all these yummy foods we ate! Kimchi, panchan, Yachaejeon and lots more. I also made some friends there…some nice kids who asked me a lot of questions! At first, they were surprised at how different I looked, but as we talked, we came to understand each other and they said I looked really cool in my green, pink and blue outfit. They asked me how I did everything with my unique shape, and I explained that I have taught myself how to do things the way I am, and I also get a lot of help from my family & friends!

What do you do when you feel different from the people around you? Do you try talking with the people around you? I think it’s a good idea to talk about our feelings. Maybe some people won’t be very nice, but most people will try to understand you.

I hope you enjoy these pics and maybe you’ll get to eat delicious Korean food someday soon.