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Manita Linda came to me on a dark, lonely night in 2004, when I was feeling very sad and alone.  I had left my life in New York, where I had lived independently for five years, and had moved back with my parents in Puerto Rico.  Last time I had lived in Puerto Rico I was about two years old.  Now I was twenty-something.  I thought I knew Spanish, having grown up listening to my Mom speaking it, but I really did not know it as well as I thought.  It was also a culture shock, going from life in a big city to living on the top of a mountain.

 My parents had always been very strict with us, and going back to live with them was like picking up from when I’d left home at age 17.  I felt small; like a stranger in a beautiful but strange land.  The land and the people weren’t really strange, just different.  So, in this different place, I came up with a different kind of idea.  Something that would make me smile. Maybe laugh. Something fun and funny, and something that would help kids have a nice time with a parent, a sister or brother, a teacher, a friend. No matter who it would be – it would have to be a friend. Someone the child could trust because they are worthy of trust. 

In the beginning, Manita Linda had long, flowing, black, curly hair and two buttons for a nose.  For weeks, I tried to figure out how to improve Manita Linda’s face (buttons didn’t stick to my hand very well!).  And, I didn’t like how human hair looked on my hand.  The more I thought of what Manita Linda should look like, the more I appreciated what my hand actually looks like.  I started noticing the creases and patterns in the palm, the shapes of each finger and fingernail, the thickness of the skin on the palm; the location of the muscles; where the bones end.  I felt a growing love for my hand, just as it is. 

I remember one day when my Dad told me he had a dream in which he pleaded with Mainta Linda to take off her make-up – to go all natural!  I laughed about the dream when he told me about it, but it did make me think about whether I was covering up my hand too much.  I finalized my choice not to add human hair, and actually felt that my little fingers looked like cute, little baby dreads.  To this day, I leave Manita Linda’s hair alone.

I hope Manita Linda brings all the adventure, joy, excitement and love into your world as she does in mine.

~Yazmin Sanchez~


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  1. Evelyn
    Aug 17, 2010 @ 22:24:02

    This is great Yazmin! I am a big fan! I love the dream your dad had about Manita Linda…that is so cute and funny! I will spread the word!


  2. Miguel Rodriguez
    Oct 14, 2011 @ 01:58:27

    Very nice work, Yazmin. This should be seen by more people. Wonderful things can be done when you don’t let nothing stop you from doing it. Go on with your dream! Nice to meet you, Manitalinda and friends!


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